SASAKI YUICHIRO - Hiroshima since august 1945

SASAKI YUICHIRO - Hiroshima since august 1945


SASAKI Yuichiro
Hiroshima since august 1945

Published by Asahi Shimbun in 1970
Book size 25.7×18×1.5 cm
Pages 282 pages 
Soft cover
First edition
Good condition 

Yuichiro Sasaki, as a native photographer, lived in Hiroshima and took photographs of Hiroshima in the post-war period. In over 30 years, he took more than 100,000 photographs. His images record the devastation caused by the A-bombing and the city's remarkable reconstruction history.


Yuichiro Sasaki, vivait à Hiroshima et a pris des photos d'Hiroshima dans l'après-guerre. En plus de 30 ans, il a pris plus de 100 000 photographies. Ses images témoignent de la dévastation causée par le bombardement A et de la remarquable histoire de la reconstruction de la ville.